Sentuo Group

Supported by advanced technology, Sentuo group has been rooted in Ghana since 2008. We are fully involved into local market and with consistently expanding, Sentuo group currently comprises six business sections including Sentuo Steel Limited, Fujian Sentuo Ceramic Tile Company Limited, Habilass Resources Company Limited, Sentuo Resources Recycling Limited, Sentuo Oil Refinery Limited and Sentuo Building Materials Complex and now hires more than 4500 local emplyees.

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Sentuo Group


 “Quality first; Industry-leading; Century Enterprise” is our vision and mission, as well as the driving force of our Group to keep making unremitting efforts and forging ahead with determination.

To respond to the Belt and Road Initiative as well as “One District and One Factory” comprehensive strategy in Ghana, Sentuo Group has been leading and extraordinarily achieved in the six sectors including iron and steel, ceramic, recycling resource, petroleum processing and petrochemicals, mining and construction materials trade cities. 

Meanwhile, we always have social responsibility kept in mind, having launched a series of public benefit activities in Ghana, such as making donations to schools, community hospitals and founding homes for the Chinese.

With the values of creating values, honesty, responsibility and mutual benefits for the society,

 Sentuo Group will keep forging ahead and move towards a new journey from a new starting point, with passion always filled, limits always challenged, new levels always reached.