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Sentuo Building Materials Complex is Located in Ashiaman, Tema and covers an area of 80 acres, it is only 7 kilometers away from Tema port, which is very convenient for logistics and dispatching. 

The company was planned with a construction area of 390,000 square meters and invested  by Sentuo group to develop. And it is already under the civil works and expected to be put into use in 2024, with a total investment of 320 USD million on the project.  

Depending on the industry of building materials and technologies in China, the company set up a brand-new industry model, constructing five platforms and one center involving three parties including manufactures, retailers and consumers. Five platforms are for trading, rating, logistics, manufacturer’s storage, management & after-sale; One center is for vehicle operations. By then, the company will become an international commercial complex of multi-functions, including building materials mall, brand shops, warehouse logistics, HQ building, residential supporting facilities, providing a comprehensive after-sale guarantee service for countries and regions including Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Ivory Coast and Togo. 

With an integration of the industry chain of building materials, commerce, and related services, it will become the largest and most modern environment-friendly building materials market as well as the industry leader in the West Africa.